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We're Tribe. A nimble digital marketing and web development agency that specialises in ecommerce, the subscription economy and partners with organisations to drive online growth.

For your business to thrive online, there are four key areas to consider:

Create refers to a strong visual identity. Digital design and user experience is essential for a positive first impression. Build is the technical knowledge and tangible delivery of the design in software. Once the website or app is in a strong place, it's ready to Promote by applying the digital marketing mix in an effective way so your customers know who you are and what you represent. Finally, you need to Refine your online business practices. Optimise marketing spend and get clarity around areas to improve to ensure an efficient ROI.

By taking a holistic approach to digital, we will help your business grow.

About Tribe Digital
About Tribe Digital

People & Philosophy

An agency is only as good as the people who work there. And our people are pretty awesome.

We understand that skills need to be kept sharp because the digital landscape evolves rapidly. Technical talent alone isn't enough though; we also focus on a culture of can-do attitudes, proactive thinking and an honest, collaborative approach to working with clients that ensures clear communication and transparent costs. Our goal is to be helpful, insightful and problem solve when digital solutions get complicated.

You don't have to go to London for fast-paced digital expertise and we’re here to prove that.

How we can work with you

We're that trusted spare set of hands to help implement a new feature or roll out a campaign. For some clients this is a long-term partnership where we act as an outsourced marketing department. For others, we're there to assist for a key project or when internal resources get tight at short notice.


'Fixed contract'

Perfect for a campaign, website design and development or if you need extra resource short-term. We simply estimate the time, apply the day rate that is relevant for the skill required and take it from there.


'Long-term commitment'

This is where you get the most value. We ensure you're first to know about innovations and new features, keep an active eye on the digital health of your business and keep agreed channels running efficiently.


'Pick our brain'

Certain subjects are complicated. Technical integrations, subscriptions, data feeds and digital transformation strategy are all good examples. If you want some of our time to hash out a plan, let's talk.

What makes us the experts

Tribe Digital was founded in 2015 by Oliver Ody and Emily Shaw, who both started working in digital marketing in 2009.

After working for some big agencies and with big brands (Walker Media, Tug Agency, MullenLowe Profero, Estee Lauder Companies, Glaxo Smith Kline, M&S, Fedex, Fiat, Hunter, Madame Tussauds, Barber – the list goes on), they wanted to try their hand at freelance and bring their knowledge back home to the South West.

By the time they were 30, these two had been used as contractors for agencies including M&C Saatchi, ThinkJam and large multi-national companies such as Swallowfield PLC (now KDC One) and several local SME’s. They have also taken on every scrap of experience they can get with small businesses because they love a start-up and a side-hustle. Their passion for entrepreneurship and helping organisations leverage online opportunities has enabled them to grow their fledgling consultancy into the dynamic agency it is today. The team now includes dedicated expertise in digital design, software development and performance media.

Our Work

Stay in the loop

Brush up on the latest online opportunities by taking advantage of our resources about digital marketing, web development, ecommerce and design. If you’re new to digital, start with our digital marketing for beginners series. We also offer expertise and opinions around specific apps, tools and trends.

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Ideas that become actions

Great work starts with a shared vision and the ambition to shake up the status quo. If you have the idea and determination to redefine what’s possible - let’s talk. Our skills will help deliver the results and provide the clarity you’re looking for in order to grow your business.

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