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Strengthening ecommerce sales with performance media.

Crane & Kind is a family lifestyle shop. With a bricks and mortar premises in Sidmouth and a rapidly growing ecommerce footprint, this ethical, family concept store is quickly becoming a disruptive force for stylish children’s wear and accessories.

We love working with Polly and Jemma to help develop a sophisticated approach to marketing online. Our goal was to help implement intelligent performance media tactics and an elevated CRM programme that links the customers between the digital and physical shop.

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ROI from performance advertising based on consumer behaviours saw £4.09 of sales returned for every £1 spent on media.


uplift in the number of returning visitors vs. 13% of visitors for the same period the year before

Many businesses that enter the ecommerce space are encouraged to advertise through the Facebook ads platform. While it is very possible to make adverts yourself, it is very easy to spend budget in the wrong areas. We wanted to help Crane & Kind by developing a more strategic approach to targeting, overlaying demographic and geographic considerations, as well as ensuring creative effectiveness with relevant copywriting and different images or video content. With awareness increased and significantly more traffic flowing to the website, we knew we also had to set up retargeting ads to drive prospective customers further down the marketing funnel.

By working with experts, their advertising budget didn’t increase hugely but was far more efficient with a return of £4.09 in sales, for every £1 spent on media. Finally we helped establish a robust automated email marketing plan, with clear communication for both in-store and ecommerce customers. The email flow was developed with the Shopify POS and Ominsend CMS.

Crane & Kind - Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Our media strategy was to start with capturing high-intent website visitors first and then expand our targeting to reach new customers. This campaign would always have a lower ROI but is an essential element of the marketing conversion funnel. The Crane & Kind brand awareness campaign focused on geographic and life stage targeting, as well as incorporating brands from other verticals that have similar values and culture. This media saw the campaign break even for spend vs. immediate sales, however the true value is in the long-term potential and repeat sales from each new customer.

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Crane & Kind - ROI from Performance Media

ROI from Performance Media

Consumers will often stumble upon a website and consider a purchase but often (as we all do!) get distracted and click off the site before completing the order. Being an independent business, brand awareness is limited and despite a customers initial high intent to purchase – the recall of independents is far lower than national brands. They simply aren’t ‘front of mind’. We wanted to help Crane & Kind remain front of mind and encourage order completions. In a short two month campaign to test and validate this theory, we developed performance advertising based on consumer behaviours that saw £4.09 of sales returned for every £1 spent on media. Overall, there was also a 40% uplift in the number of returning visitors (vs. an uplift of 13% of new visitors for the same period) when compared to the year before.

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Crane & Kind - CRM & Retention

CRM & Retention

The next phase of our strategy was to ensure new customers and returning customers had a great email marketing experience. By getting the balance of information, frequency and tone just right – we can ensure that we leverage communication for product sales and drive repeat purchase, therefore growing the LTV (lifetime value) of each customer. For Crane & Kind we needed to consider nuancing our audiences and ensuring shop visitors and ecommerce customers had a tailored experience.
We use Omnisend to tag and manage consumers and ensure they receive great emails based on their purchase history and product interests.

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