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Ecommerce for decorative antiques

Tribe Digital have partnered with Violet Grey since 2018. Working across a range of digital channels, we have helped this specialist retailer to develop their CRM and boost sales with performance media. Consistent efforts, helped with beautiful brand photography and a clear visual aesthetic means that their niche but highly engaged client base are regularly informed and inspired by the latest, hand-selected pieces.

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Thoughtfully designed visuals increase people’s desire to read content by 80%


Our brain processes images 60,000x faster than it 
processes text.


80% of readers skim online 
content. Only 20% fully read it.

Violet Grey - Design & Creative

Design & Creative

Originally on Magento2, we helped Violet Grey migrate to a WordPress/WooCommerce solution. Our team developed the designs, aligned with the existing brand guidelines and then developed a bespoke theme. Our goal was to ensure a smooth user experience with fast load times despite being an image heavy website. Violet Grey has complicated shipping and weight parameters 
due the variety of products and their high-value. We developed the backend to automate as much of the shipping costs as possible, while also ensuring that 
‘sold’ items were automatically moved to a different part of the shop instead 
of simply saying ‘out of stock’.

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Violet Grey - Email & CRM

Email & CRM

Violet Grey have consistently worked hard to cultivate a large and highly engaged social media audience. Our role is to help leverage this authentic audience and deliver targeted advertising to new prospective clients. When performance media is targeted in an intelligent way, limited budget can work very hard for you!

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