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Google Ad Grants

Imagine if your non-profit organisation was given $10,000 (roughly £7,500) per month of free PPC advertising? That is exactly what Google Ad Grants offer and we want to help you get the most from this unique opportunity.

We understand that small non-profits won’t necessarily have the in-house expertise or resources to maximise the potential of PPC advertising. This is why we’re offering our years of experience, expertise and access to industry tools at heavily discounted rates in order to help nonprofits manage and optimise their PPC advertising spend.

How do Google Ad Grants work?

Google Ad grants give you credit to spend on PPC. PPC ads are a form of Google ads and they appear for key search terms. Unlike Google Shopping or Youtube pre-roll, these ads are completely text-based and can be very useful for getting various messages to an audience who are actively looking for a non-profit like yours:

  • Adverts for volunteers
  • Adverts for donations
  • Awareness and participation of fund-raising events
  • Awareness of your non-profit for key areas

Once your ads are live, we will pull together a complimentary report to help you analyse how your ads are performing and where there may be an opportunity to drive further revenue.

How do you qualify for Google Ad Grants?

To qualify for Google Ad Grants, your organisation must begin by applying to Google for Nonprofits and have the following specifications:

  • Your organisation must hold valid charity status.
  • Acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.
  • Have a high-quality website that meets the Ad Grants website policy>.
  • Get approved through the Ad Grants pre-qualification process after your organisation is enrolled in Google for Nonprofits.


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