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Guide to On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the SEO practice that makes changes directly to your website to optimise them for search engines. Our on-page SEO is comprehensive and uses the latest tactics to ensure effective results for you.

What is on-page SEO in 2020?

SEO tactics and approaches are regularly changing. This is particularly true when it comes to on-page SEO. We ensure the latest best-practice techniques are employed so that you can get the best results.

1. Bot Accessibility

The technical basics that need to be in place including; Meta Robots Tags, Robots.txt file directives, sitemap, schema markup, site speed, internal linking & hosting setup.

2. UX (User Experience)

Ensure your website meets web content accessibility guidelines covering everything from responsive mobile design, relevant content, clear CTA’s & multi-media SERPs.

3. Content

Content is the value exchange you have with users, we ensure it’s up-to-date, optimised for intent, with enticing meta elements & most of all is useful.

Benefits of on-page SEO

The benefit of basic on-page SEO is that it will help your website to be crawled and indexed by a search engine. Even if broader, interest or content-based SEO is not a key part of your digital marketing strategy, on-page SEO is essential for users to find even the simple things such as your website when they type in your exact business name.

Once the technical aspects have been addressed and your site is secure, speedy and well structured, we can look into the strategic aspect of website content. This is where we can have some fun and build out the pages of your website.

Optimised for intent

This is crucial to understand so that you don’t spend time writing content for SEO that doesn’t help your website to perform in SERPs. Optimising for intent refers to thinking clearly about what you want your visitor to do from the moment they find you in search results, right through to conversion. You need to be specific enough that you stand a chance of indexing for that term and not so niche that the search volume is too low.

A good tip is to look when you type in a search query and analyse the results come in – look at the top three results. The copy should be clear and informative, telling you exactly what to expect on that link before you have even clicked through. When you do click through, there will be clear calls to action such as ‘Buy’, ‘Read’ or ‘Click for more’ strategically placed so that you are on a clear journey. The best websites are the ones that don’t send you around in circles, effective on-page SEO is a key starting point for ensuring this.

On-page SEO is straightforward when you know how and can be implemented as part of a comprehensive SEO audit or undertaken as a project to establish the basics but without focusing on consumer intent or keyword analysis, can be a time-intensive exercise that delivers little return. This is why writing for SEO is best done by those who have an intuitive sense of how Google searches are used by those looking for relevant information.


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