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Can Shopify help drive online sales?

Shopify’s come a long way since its inception. Initially created as a way for three guys in Ottawa to sell snowboards online, it now supports more than 800,000 websites worldwide. And it’s continually evolving. Alongside rival platforms, Shopify allows users to build websites using a wealth of pre-engineered themes. Each theme empowers users to develop a well-organised, branded product feed. Fast. In this article, we’ll look at the key features offered by Shopify, and how these features serve to encourage sales across a huge diversity of industries.

Shop a library of Shopify themes

There are more than 100 themes available, which can save hours of design time. Every theme is designed specifically for the e-commerce sector. As such, you can drop your products straight into a template. With so many available, you’re bound to find something that feels right for your brand and inventory.

However, these themes can be quite rigid without the help of a developer and designer. This works for some businesses; however, a lack of flexibility can be problematic. 

If you’re seeking creative freedom, it’s worth drafting for an experienced developer and designer. Working in partnership with a team of experts will significantly improve the look and feel of your website. It’ll directly impact your brand positioning and, ultimately, sales.

Take the simple approach

At its most basic subscription level, Shopify is relatively easy to use. This is why it’s popular with lots of businesses. The platform handles most of the technical detail. This appeals to users who are new to web builds or don’t necessarily have the resource to invest further. While simplicity can be refreshing, it becomes challenging for those who need a customised solution. Working with developers can successfully bridge the gap between your template and more detailed requirements.

This partnership also comes in handy when you’re ready to scale up. As you add more and more products, categories and subcategories, the infrastructure may no longer be supported. When this happens, a developer can assist your transition to Shopify Plus. Currently used by around 5,300 businesses, this enhanced platform will better serve a larger online inventory. 

Fire up your digital marketing strategy

Your website is the epicentre of your business. Integrating a solid digital marketing strategy will help to strengthen your brand and improve its visibility. Shopify works with your digital suite, connecting with your social media channels, analytics and aligning with your core SEO practices. However, access to these features is restricted until you upgrade your plan. 

Usually, we’d recommend casting the net a little wider than the Shopify platform. By working natively in Google Analytics, Tag Manager and other Google products and software, you can better refine your strategy. 

Keep your site secure

You need to protect your customer’s personal data, no matter what. Shopify is renowned for its proactive security practices. So far, the platform has paid ethical hackers more than $850,000 to find points of vulnerability. All security protocols are managed by Shopify. As such, you won’t need to worry about updating your site or any associated plugins to keep your data security promise.

Explore the Shopify App Store

The Shopify App Store hosts lots of different plugins designed to help you better manage your site. Combing through the store can take a while, but it’s worth it. Whether you want to streamline your accounting and payment journey or print order slips and invoices, finding the right integrations can transform your site management. Speaking with a dedicated web and marketing team can help you find the right plugins. With 2,400 plugins available, you need to curate an appropriate balance. Installing too many will slow your site speed down significantly; however, not enough may hinder your scope to grow.

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