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Facebook Ads how-to: Add partners to your Business Manager

As a business that frequently works with clients on paid social campaigns, we getting access to their advertising accounts, pages, catalogue and pixels is something that comes up time and again.

There are two ways you can work with partners in Business Manager:

  1. If you’re a business that works with an agency or consultant, add them as a partner in your Business Manager.
  2. If you’re an agency or a business with clients, add them to your Business Manager as partners.

To view, manage and create Facebook and Instagram ads, your chosen partner will need access to your Facebook Business Manager account.

1. Adding partners to Facebook Business Manager

To provide access, a few things need to be in place:

  • Only admins can add a partner. So make sure your internal permissions are correct
  • You’ll need your new partner’s business ID – this can be provided upon request


Follow our step-by-step guide to add a new partner

  1. Open your Business settings.
  2. On the left navigation select ‘Users’ and under it ‘Partners’.
  3. Navigate right, where you will see a drop down button ‘Add’ , click here to reveal the dropdown and select ‘give a partner access to your assets’.
  4. From here you will be asked to enter the Partner business ID – the agency / freelancer you’re working with will be able to provide this.

2. Request access to assets in Facebook Business Manager

In order to do this follow the same steps as outlined above but when you click ‘Add’ select the second dropdown option ‘Ask a partner to share their assets’ and enter your clients business ID.

In order to do this the client will need to know where to find their Facebook Partner business ID.

How to find your Facebook Partner business ID?
  1. On the same page as above scroll down the left hand navigation to ‘Business info’ and select.
  2. At the top of the page will be your business logo, name and ID number.

Business settings options in Facebook Business Manager




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