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The Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media

Stuck on social media or perhaps you’re just starting out. These are our top 10 dos’s & don’ts for how to get the best out of social media platforms.

1. Don’t forget that to win in social, you must be social. Talk to people – offer advice, help, thanks or comments on mutual subjects. Don’t post a generic reply made up of emoji’s when the word’s fail you. Instead, try to think of some go-to responses that can be referred to when inspiration isn’t there.

2. Don’t post for the likes (stop putting up the same flat lays, random memes or viral content, just because) It’s a short term hit and Instagram are dropping likes anyway. Instead, focus on posting content that is relevant/specific to you and what your page is about or what you represent.

3. Do keep things relevant about what you do, keep your content focused so that your audience know what to expect when they follow you. This is similar to our second point but in essence, know why you’re posting and distil the key messages you want to talk about.

4. Do prepare in advance – planning will help ensure you don’t run out of content when you do run out of inspiration. Nothing stifles creative thinking like a lack of time so by preparing in advance, you’re giving yourself the space to reflect on your copywriting and leverage the post from your content.

5. Do get into the habit of documenting what you do rather than producing content. Authenticity often comes from sharing what you do in a genuine way and while not everything will make the cut, the more content you gather – the more there is to choose from.

6. Don’t pay for social advertising unless you understand how adverts work. Boosting post, as tempting as it is, can waste a lot of money if there is no structure or bigger plan in place.

7. Do keep it consistent; posting less often but regularly is better than posting a lot one week and then nothing the next. Consider content planning in order to get an even spread of media formats and subject matter.

8. Don’t stop just because you don’t high engagement straight away – building an authentic following takes time, this is a long-term game. You may not get the immediate reaction you’re looking for but don’t give up! Keep posting, practising and refining.

9. Do turn macro content into micro-content when possible. It’s easier to overlook what you have already done rather than trying to squeeze the most out of it. It’s rare for posts or videos to be a one-hit-wonder so try to think of the different iterations that can be produced and shared.

10. Do remember that published is better than perfect but published isn’t better than good. There is a fine line between “getting something out there” because it’s better than nothing and getting nothing out there but protecting your brand image. Look at your competitors and analytics to see how you’re performing. If you’re doing ok, then keep going and the chances are that you’ll naturally find your rhythm as your receive more feedback and interactions.


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