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The Rise of Social Search

As social media platforms continue to innovate and new channels pop-up, it’s no surprise that more and more people are using them as their primary search engines. According to Google’s internal data, nearly 40% of Gen Z prefers searching on TikTok and Instagram over Google Search and Maps.

Google has become a verb in the last 20 years, having a monopoly on consumers’ search behaviour. This shift we’re seeing is just one example of larger social changes taking place across the internet.

This trend is being driven by the rise of social media apps like TikTok, which have made it easier than ever to find the content you’re looking for. With over a billion active users, TikTok has quickly become the go-to platform for Gen Zers (and increasingly millennials) looking for entertainment, inspiration, and information.

What’s more, the success of TikTok has inspired other social media platforms to roll out copycat video features, such as Snapchat Spotlight, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. As these social media platforms become synonymous with search engines, we can expect to see even more growth in this trend.

An ‘always-on’ approach

Social media platforms have become digital storefronts. The content shared on these channels is what connects the modern-day consumer to your brand. A constant effort of relevancy is required where your brand needs to approach content with an ‘always-on’ strategy in order to engage with its community. By doing so, you put your brand in the best position to introduce potential consumers and enhance the likelihood of being found through search engines.

How can you leverage social media search engines for your business?

If you want to reach Gen Zers with your marketing message, there’s no better place to do it than on social media. Platforms like TikTok offer a unique opportunity to connect with this demographic in a way that is fun, interactive, and informative.

  • Optimise your social media profiles

If you want your potential customers to easily find you online, make sure your social profile is optimized and aligns with your brand message. This way, no matter which platform they’re using, they’ll be able to quickly see that it’s you. Consistency across channels is key.

  • Build connections with your followers

If you want to attract your marketing persona, take the initiative and start a conversation with them through features such as comments, DMs and captions. This will result in positive relationships and long-term engagement. Plus, having these regular discussions is great for improving your SEO as it helps demonstrate your expertise on the topic at hand.

  • Craft on-brand captions

If your goal is to improve SEO using social media and increase visibility on these platforms, ensure to add your primary keywords and related keyword terms within your captions. Use relevant hashtags where appropriate and optimise your content specifically for the platform.

So, if you’re not already using social media as part of your search marketing strategy, now is the time to start. If you are, consider how you can use it even more effectively to reach your target audience.

If you’re stuck on how to execute a comprehensive search marketing strategy, let’s have a chat. Consulting on growth strategies is one of our specialisms and we’re here to help!

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