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What problems does ‘bundling’ of products solve?

With the recent acquisition of Rebundle by Recharge, we’ve been asked a lot more about bundling Shopify products and the problems they solve. In this article we explain how apps can help solve common ecommerce problems experienced by D2C brands.

1. Rules can be applied to the bundle, not the individual product items. This prevents easy subscription.

  • Recurring payment apps apply a subscription to the product, not a product to a subscription. Bundles ensure the same rules apply to the group of products such as stop, start or pause of subscriptions. If you want to change the delivery date of an item, you’re changing it for the whole group of products, not just an individual SKU.
  • Operations teams will send out the group of products, not individual postage of items

2. Merchants have more control on volume of SKUs sold while maintaining personalisation

  • For low value, high volume products, merchants need to ship fixed multiples of products. This is often due to packaging rules and the need for consistent quantities. E.g. a box of 12 bottles, a bundle of 6 bars of chocolate. 
  • Filling a fixed quantity of units is a clear communication that shipping is not possible unless a certain order value/SKU quantity is reached. It also ensures a viable Average Order Value.

3. Discounting on order quantity

  • Blanket discounting (e.g. 10% off your order) is a classic e-commerce mechanic, but sometimes you want to reward customers only when they order larger quantities. An example of this could be unlocking ‘Free P&P’ on a larger box option or when customer reach larger bundle thresholds.

The goal of a box or bundle is to ensure more control over a the product selection, usually to facilitate a minimum quantity or a fixed combination of SKU’s.

Prior to build-a-box functionality, merchants would struggle to sell their items because they would have to group products at an operations level (e.g. a box of 12, single flavour items) rather than track SKUs individually but still be able to ship in a collection.


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