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Why your site design will be vital in 2023

The design and experience of your site have a huge impact on the sales you receive and the perception of your brand. Given the changes going on around us, there’s an opportunity to win over consumers that will align with your brand. Now is the time to evaluate any current successes and seize the moment to evolve. We’ll break down some of the key considerations as we move into 2023, and simple ways to ensure your website design is having the most impact.

People are expecting change

We’re all aware of the economic changes that are happening, and this means people are more open to making changes in their own lives as well as seeing business developments. We’re shopping around more than usual, and this is an opportunity to demonstrate how you fit into the life people are trying to create. Many are still keen to move away from traditional retailers, and we’ll see an increase in resale markets and rental. Allow people to try out new shopping experiences, and share the incentive with a pop-up, like this free trial on Bundlee baby rental clothes. 

Detail oriented decisions 

Going into 2023 we’ll see consumers taking a closer look at the products they use regularly and any new ones they are looking to purchase. Your ecommerce website should include detailed ingredient lists and information on each product page, transparency is key. Allow customers to easily find an FAQ page, and share the story behind your products and why the ingredients and quality matter to you. This is especially important for brands that aren’t found in physical stores, having a well-designed website will demonstrate your credibility and allow users to find all the information they are seeking. The InkeyList goes one step further with a glossary detailing all of the information about their ingredients. 

Online and offline

It’s now very commonplace for brands to be digital-first, and with the speed at that we can launch a brand and website online, it’s no surprise. We’re now seeing brands that launched online moving into the offline space, like Eleat joining the Raye the Store London pop-up, and Gymshark opening a physical store. Your site should be as close as possible to a physical store, to allow the best experience for a user. We recommend you use high-quality product packaging photos at a 1:1 ratio to allow them to be seen clearly on all devices and show photos and videos of the product in use and outside the packaging on your product pages. 

An easier life

People will be starting to reevaluate what is essential to them, so there’s a good chance they will change routines and shop around. As well as demonstrating how they make lives easier, brands should allow flexibility with purchases. Subscriptions can mean one less decision, but even better to give the option to the consumer. Allow people to mix and match the products that they want like Frobishers build a box. Finally, keep them up to date in a way that suits them. SMS or Whatsapp delivery updates can fit right into a customer’s life and allow a seamless experience.

Mission Statement

We’re seeing a huge increase in businesses with a mission, from B Corps and sustainability missions to brands breaking stigmas and creating communities. Consumers want brands to align with their values, and need to clearly see what else a brand stands for. If you partner with well-known charities, or can proudly share a B Corp status make sure it’s visible, a footer is a great place. Use an About page to communicate your mission and share your story. Don’t forget to ensure your visual style aligns with your mission and brand. TOTM is a nice use case on telling your story and their photography style and models all fit with their taboo-busting positioning.

You can see that some small but purposeful changes to your eccomerce site could have a huge effect on your sales and brand loyalty. Choosing select places to add lots of product information, brand storytelling and values can show customers that you’re the right product for them. And creating a seamless offline and online experience for your user will help to future-proof your brand. 


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