Growing an organic instagram community to 20k+

Harrisons1863 are woollen merchants with a rich history and approached us to help leverage their reputation across the key markets of the U.K, China and Japan. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Harrison’s over the past few years and helping to increase the reach and engagement of their Instagram community.





Expertise Delivered

Social Media

Content Creation



Talking to tailors

Talking to tailors

The tailoring industries de facto community is on Instagram, its wear tailors showcase their work, demonstrate cutting expertise and share styles to a global audience. This is also the community that will be working with Harrison's clothes - they are the target market. Harrisons are a B2B business, they sell their cloth to tailors who turn it into the finished article you see Carlos and Jason wearing in the images below. Our content serves to highlight the quality of the fabrics, how tailors use the product and show the finished article.

Social Media Content

A consistent commitment to publishing content that inspires. Our content calendar selects the best examples of UGC and blend these with images from seasonal photoshoots that we organise, oversee and manage.

Telling stories

The end product is photographs, video and motion graph content that showcases the quality of the product.

Wider inflencers

Many of the clothes produced are worn by royalty, celebrities, on stage, in movies and on the red carpet. Jason Mamoa joins an illustrious club that includes Prince Charles in choosing Smith Woollens Formal Wear.