Shopify website and performance marketing for pasta meal-kit company

With several thriving London restaurants, 2020 led Scarpetta to make some big decisions. With their normally busy restaurants unable to open for a significant portion of the year, they wanted to diversify – offering customers the chance to purchase their favourite dishes online. And they wanted it fast. We’re a nimble team at Tribe and able to react quickly to client briefs with the agility to invest the time and resources to deliver the client’s vision. This has been vital during the pandemic. Our clients have to be agile. They have to react quickly. And their digital partner must be able to keep up.


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Website design and development

Website design and development

With ecommerce soaring due to the impact of Covid, we needed to maximise our resources and push this development live as soon as possible. As such, we completed the design and build in just 4 weeks. Throughout the initial build, our design and development teams worked together closely to make sure functionality, user experience and aesthetics were all treated with equal weight. From a design perspective, the objective was to create a modern, clean site. One that stands out in the D2C food market and reflects the brand’s personality. Our developers were then able to mirror this design to produce a site that not only works, but make things super easy for customers. We’re Shopify experts, which means we built a bespoke site that suited Scarpetta’s needs – rather than squeezing Scarpetta’s offering into a ready-made Shopify theme. This means that the site’s capabilities won’t be overwhelmed should Scarpetta chose to diversify in the future. Future-proofing ecommerce sites is critical for things to work long term.

Mobile user-ability

Mobile users often have a paired back version of the desktop website but in Scarpetta's case mobile users have greater functionality - particularly when it comes to navigation. We designed and developed the ability to access the same account login / creation and product category selection as desktop. In addition to this we've also included a order summery that allows customers to quickly view and amend their product selection prior to checkout. their

Creating a referral mechanism

When planning how to grow ecommerce businesses, we know referral mechanisms work. Integrating this for Scarpetta means that they can reward loyal customers, while avoiding steep discounting. By making it mutually beneficial (i.e. the existing customer gets a discount, as well as the new customer), the existing customer is more likely to stick with Scarpetta, and the new customer is incentivised to buy. This potential new customer is also likely to be a friend or family member of the existing customer, meaning they’re probably a genuinely good lead.

Graphic Design

The design work behind this project was incredibly varied, spanning digital media right through to menu cards and packaging. And it’s ongoing – as new recipes appear on the site and new creative is added to performance campaigns on a weekly basis.


Creating a performance media & social media strategy

Creating a performance media & social media strategy

To structure a performance media campaign that works for Scarpetta, we considered a number of channels. It’s crucial that we reach people on different platforms and with different levels of intent. As part of our strategy we are consistently evaluating: - A/B copy testing & creative effectiveness - Optimisation of the conversion funnel with consistent prospecting and retargeting.

Search Marketing

When we talk about high levels of intent, we’re referring to people who are actively searching for Scarpetta or for the product and service that Scarpetta can provide. We can capture these people through search marketing (PPC). Our objective here is to not only appear for branded search terms (an easier win, usually), but also relevant search terms such as ‘pasta meal kits’ and ‘order fresh pasta’. Through a process of keyword research, building and optimisation, search marketing is a perfect way to assist a curious prospect.

Google Shopping

A Google Shopping campaign also captures actively searching customers and prospects. These ads show the product and pricing, and are listed above paid and organic search results. Google Shopping has recently upgraded its relationship with subscription brands, which is great news for Scarpetta and allows us to work in an even more targeted way.

Paid Social Ads

Instead of reaching prospective customers using search terms, social ads allow us to create audiences. Audiences that are likely to be interested in Scarpetta’s offer and convert. For this brand, we’re focused on Facebook and Instagram ads in order to not only custom build audiences, but create lookalike and retargeting audiences that allow us to work more intelligently with the data at our disposal. Lookalike audiences use Facebook’s AI to find the people most likely to convert with Scarpetta. They look at users’ interests, online behaviours, content they’re engaging with, demographic information and tonnes more to work out if they’re valuable to Scarpetta. Retargeting audiences help us to reach people who have visited the website before, have added to cart but not purchased, or have shown a high level of interest around a product. We can then serve very specific ads to them, encouraging them to make or complete a purchase.

Organic Content

Content underpins basically everything online. For Scarpetta, this means photography, motion graphics, video, content-rich landing pages, keyword-rich blog content, product reviews, and more. By supporting all paid efforts with organic content, it helps Scarpetta to take ownership over their digital space, create a community for existing customers, and engage brand-new ones.

Email Marketing

In terms of retention, email marketing is a fundamental part of the strategy. Once people have subscribed, we have to engineer new ways to keep them faithful. Email marketing is a handy way to get messages to customers quickly. And when email lists are correctly segmented, these messages can be intelligently targeted at every step of the customer journey. It’s also a great method of hamming home the aforementioned referral scheme, promoting new products, encouraging customers to engage with content, and advertising new offers.

To conclude

We’re constantly evolving our strategy to suit both Scarpetta and the current climate. As things change for Scarpetta, so will our plans – and this will impact all the areas above, from web development and design, to how we structure email campaigns and performance media. To find out how we can support your ecommerce subscription brand, get in touch. We’d love to chat.