Lead acquisition for luxury health and wellness space

Until is a members club and workspace for health and wellness professionals, set to open in Soho this November 2021, As the first of its kind, we worked on a performance media strategy to recruit London’s best trainers, coaches and treatment specialists. The Until media plan spans Facebook and PPC in order to increase awareness and capture high intent users who are ready to sign up and tour the space. We’ve also worked closely with the team on a social media engagement strategy, designing and publishing Instagram posts in all formats. Identifying and targeting the right audience has been fundamental to the success of this project. From intelligent audience targeting on Facebook to employing the most effective keywords in Search, we need to keep things broad enough for visibility but niche enough to capture the right people. This minimises budget wastage and increases conversion potential.


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Lead acquisition in the health and wellness sector

Lead acquisition in the health and wellness sector

With a 142% lead increase from month 1 to month 3, we're delivering highly converting PPC ads, awareness-building Facebook ads, as well as social media content that chimes with Until's audience.

Creative Facebook and Instagram advertising

Working with the funnelled approach, we have created audiences to successfully target those who have train, treat and coach job functions. During the first four months of working with Until, we have layered in new creative, particularly for retargeting audiences who would experience ads at a higher frequency. Initially, we focused on anybody with relevant job titles living within a 10km radius of the site, but have since expanded this to reach suburban London communities who would likely travel into the city for work. We also reach those who have previously visited the website, and Lookalike sets. We have also adjusted the messaging to imply more urgency as we get closer to the launch date. We have seen this have a significant impact on enquiries - meaning that we’ll easily hit and exceed our target before launch.

142% PPC conversion uplift from month 1 to 3

Creating a set of highly converting PPC campaigns has relied heavily on comprehensive keyword research. Investing time in isolating the terms relating to each health and wellness service has enabled us to minimise budget wastage and convert a high number of leads. And these were largely high quality leads that have been able to officially apply for Until membership.

Growing an Instagram channel

Working with the Until team, we've been consistently growing their Instagram following. With a delicate blend of grid posts, stories and reels, we've delivered graphics, motion graphics, video edits and images to create a channel that represents Until's ethos.

To conclude

We’re fast approaching Until’s official launch date and the leads are continuing to flood in. Through a delicate balance of Facebook ads - utilising a range of formats and creative - and highly targeted PPC ads, we’re excited to see our hard work come to life this Autumn.