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International Shopify + Recharge D2C nutrition shake website

Whole Supp is on a mission to empower healthy lifestyles by bringing together all the best superfoods into a convenient, wholesome and well-balanced meal. The brainchild of ex-professional rugby player Darren O'Reilly and Dr. Brian Carson PhD, Whole Supp draws on a wealth of experience from founders who intrinsically know what our bodies need to perform. This plastic-free, eco-conscious alternative to Huel approached us to build their D2C offering and having launched in December 2021, provided the Tribe team with an exciting design and development project which has expanded to include performance marketing.


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International Shopify Subscription

International Shopify Subscription

Healthy food and drink lend themselves to subscription selling as they allow customers to effortlessly maintain positive dietary habits. This made Shopify the obvious choice for building on due to its compatibility with Recharge. Customers are able to buy on a single purchase or subscription basis with frequency intervals of 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Customer accounts allow users to amend purchasing frequency or cancellations with ease.

Mobile First

Mobile provides the same functionality, product information and browsing experience as desktop users.


One of the core objective for Whole Supp was to sell in the U.K and Europe. In order to do this we created a mutli-currency stores, taking payments and subscriptions in both GBP and Euro's. Customer visiting the U.K from EU locations are automatically redirected to the Eu store, enabling seemless transactions - where ever you're shopping from.

Product transparency

One of Whole Supp's core values is the transparency of nutritional claims and ingredient breakdowns. This meant designing a user experience that provided comprehensive breakdowns of the products nutritional claims and ingredients make-up. The page design starts with the core-selling points, with the information hierarchy getting more in-depth further down the page.