A solution for grouping low-value, high volume products together on Shopify stores so that a collection of SKUs are viewed as a single item in the cart.
  • Build a Box

  • Build a Bundle

  • Build a Plan

Build a Box allows a user to choose a custom selection of products within a specific quantity.

For merchants who want to fill a predetermined quantity of items, this is the ideal solution. It works well with CPG products that can be interchanged, and gives customers convenience while significantly increasing minimum order value. Our build a box is unique because pricing can be variable.

  • Subscription or one-off purchases
  • Customer chooses product selection
  • No upper or lower limit on product quantity
  • Works well for CPG products which suit being bought in bulk and warrant repeat purchase

What are the benefits?

For Merchants

  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Differentiate from retailers such as Amazon by providing personalised consumer experiences
  • Associate a group of projects to a single subscription using third-party recurring payment tools such as Recharge or Bold Commerce

For Customers

  • It provides a greater degree of customisation than a standard selection
  • Customer chooses product selection
  • By purchasing multiple items they can access discounts, giving greater value for money

Use cases

At Tribe we've used this format for many of our clients, we’ve highlighted one example for each solution, so you can see how they work in practise.

  • Build a Box
  • Build a Bundle
  • Build a Plan

The problem

Bundling, has become a increasingly popular feature in ecommerce and with it complex implementations. While Shopify has many positives, its native ability for bundling is a weak area, which can be frustrating when trying to achieve desired objectives. Understanding the definitions of compounded Bundles of products is important before exploring what is achievable on Shopify and how.

The solution

Build a Box provides a robust bundling solution for merchants, allowing them to offer personalised and flexible bundle deals that can help increase sales, AOV and improve customer loyalty.


Frequently asked questions

Consumer expectations of ecommerce sites has grown considerably in the past few years. Users want the flexibility to configure orders to their needs.

See how our Build a Box feature can allow you to provide your customers a more personalised shopping experience and the commonly asked questions around this mechanism.

What CMS does this work on?

Build a box has been designed to work with Shopify and Shopify Plus.

How much does Build a Bundle cost?

How many rules can I have?

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