Digital Marketing For Startups

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Welcome to the section of our site that is dedicated to digital marketing for startups. We know first hand how exciting – and daunting – starting a new business can be. We’ll help to explain the digital marketing basics, provide you with the framework for establishing a relevant digital strategy and develop a clear digital […]

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Marketing Conversion Funnels

Not everyone who sees or hears about your product or service will go on to convert. In traditional marketing models, we sometimes refer to consumer journeys as ‘Marketing Conversion Funnels’, with different stages needing focused marketing efforts. This blog post talks about the marketing funnel in 2020, whether or not it is still a relevant […]

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What is remarketing?

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Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is a digital marketing strategy that involves serving highly targeted ads to users who have already visited or taken a specific action (eg: added a item to basket) on your website. Remarketing can be rolled out on YouTube, Google Ads or applied to Facebook and Instagram. Ecommerce Retargeting is essential for […]

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A Guide To Growth Hacking

If you’re a startup or business looking to drive above average growth, you may have come across the phrase “growth hacking”. In order to drive growth, you need to examine the causes for your current business growth and amplify them in order to supercharge your business. In this article, we explain exactly what growth hacking […]

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Ecommerce Metrics: How To Measure


What you need to know & how to measure Understanding how to measure ecommerce is a very important aspect to business development when selling goods online. Using the correct metrics is essential when trying to scale up an ecommerce business quickly or if you’re trying to prove a business to investors. This post will explain […]

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Digital marketing metrics everyone should know

Whether you’re a new startup or a industry stalwart, if you’re not sure on how to measure digital marketing this blog post will explain the key acronyms, terms and definitions of digital marketing metrics that will become critical on your journey to growth.  We have split the key measurements into four sections: Reach, Traffic, Engagement […]

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