Growth Strategy

Gain confidence about your acquisition and retention strategy by balancing business needs with marketing objectives. Understanding key metrics such as your CAC:LTV ratio, churn rate and target ROAS is essential for solid DTC growth.


Why tribe?

Ecommerce Metrics

Our deep understanding of key metrics underpin intelligent media choices to help you scale.

DTC success relies on investing in the correct areas to ensure longevity. With competition increasing, identifying and prioritising the areas that need support will ensure your resources are used as efficiently as possible.


LTV stands for “lifetime value” per customer and CAC stands for “customer acquisition cost.”

The LTV/CAC ratio compares the value of a customer over their lifetime to the cost of acquiring them.

Churn Rate

Blended ROAS (MER)


Growth Strategy

Often the focus of growth is placed solely on acquisition of new customers but this is only one element of a robust ecommerce strategy. Understanding the role of levers such as retention through loyalty, referral and customer experience is also key, as is the CRO piece which ensures efforts to drive traffic are as efficient as possible.

What is growth strategy?

Growth strategy looks at all of the opportunities to strengthen your ecommerce business, then recommends the tactics or channels to reach those goals.

Growth vs performance marketing

What is CRO?

Acquisition vs retention marketing

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