Search Marketing

Search Marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of increasing website visibility in search engines, in order to drive more relevant traffic to the site through either organic and/or performance media efforts. This is also known as SEO, PPC or Google Shopping. With 93% of online experiences starting with a search engine, it’s essential to be seen in search.

Search Marketing

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93% of online experiences starting with a search engine, it’s essential to be seen in search. Learn more about our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that increases your website visibility and drives more traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the practice of search engine optimisation, a blend of technical changes, keyword research and effective copywriting to help encourage visibility and click-through in organic search results. Organic search results are the listings in search engines that are not adverts and do not have a media budget. Organic search listings are generally viewed as more trustworthy by consumers.

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