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Introducing Hard Refresh

Tribe has been on a huge journey over the past two years. Founders Ollie & Emily have been in the D2C space since 2014, freelancing and consulting for brands and businesses about ecommerce and performance marketing. And it wasn’t always an easy sell.

Launching your own ecommerce brand was practically unheard of and we remember when keywords like ‘recipe box’ had search volumes of 10’s a month instead of the 10k+ it gathers today.

After a few years of running our two-man band, we started to recruit and welcomed our first employee (Rachel – still with us today) in late 2019. Things were starting to get serious. And then Covid hit and you know how the rest of that story goes.

A hard refresh clears your browser cache, which forces it to load the most recent version of that page. This could include new scripts, styles or features.

One way or another, every individual we know faced a ‘Hard Refresh’ during 2020. For us personally, we had to answer some serious questions about how we would navigate the next few months (or years as it turned out!) and what the long-game looked like on this new landscape. We doubled down on what we did best and continued to grow the team, more committed than ever to the growth of disruptive brands.

Change is scary but it also presents a lot of opportunity.

Businesses have dealt with more change in the last two years than in the previous two decades. Consumers have also become far more attuned to brands that deliver on values beyond profit. Our desire for sustainable products, positive impact campaigns, along with the shortage of supply for many of our usual go-to’s, created the perfect environment to shift our purchasing habits permanently.

Brands that would never usually find themselves on the grocery aisle due to tight margins or niche audiences were now getting traction. And it isn’t just independent start-ups that are leveraging this change, large corporations are also seeing the openness to adopt new habits from consumers and are investing heavily in innovation to satisfy that demand.

But whats all this got to do with an email newsletter?

The D2C and ecommerce landscape has evolved and our team have had front-row seats.

Entrenched in the technology and culture needed to stand-out and succeed in this next generation of businesses, we have delivered some brilliant work and know the best resources to read/listen/download that will benefit anyone looking for inspiration or education of this industry. We ‘get’ this space and frustrated by the lack of resources available, decided to create our own – Hard Refresh. Your new favourite compendium of all things ecommerce.

All you need to do, is sign up and sit tight until our next edition hits your inbox.


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