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The ultimate guide to ‘Build A Box’, ‘Build A Bundle’ or ‘Build A Plan’ mechanisms

Tribe’s goal as D2C specialists is to engineer intelligent solutions that solve merchant and consumer problems.

While bundles or boxes are not unique in their idea, Tribe’s is unique in its execution.

Tribe use Javascript, React JS and Liquid code to create bespoke Build-A-Box extensions. What we offer is highly tailored to the merchant’s need across design, price flexibility, quantity of SKUs and integrations with third-party software and applications.

Why use our ‘Build-A-Bundle’ or ‘Build-A-Box’ innovation?

‘Build-A-Box’ is a solution for grouping low-value, high volume products together on Shopify stores so that a collection of SKUs are viewed as a single item in the cart/checkout. 

Use Cases

  1. A drinks company that would not want to ship out an awkward or inconsistent number of bottles, but still wants the customer to have a choice in product selection.
  2. A skincare company that wanted to ensure a collection of products were delivered at frequent intervals with aligned postage dates so that individual products weren’t fulfilled/shipped separately. 

For merchants, it helps increase Average Order Value, differentiate from retailers such as Amazon by providing personalised consumer experiences and ensures that a group of products can be associated to a single subscription using third-party recurring payment tools such as Recharge or Bold Commerce.

For customers, it provides a greater degree of customisation than a standard selection. 

This feature draws from the regular product inventory but is built as a pseudo product itself, allowing the ultimate combinations model to be marketed in product feeds across performance channels such as Meta and Google Shopping. 

Configured bundles can retrospectively be edited, this is enabled using Shopify cart APIs, allowing for a smooth purchasing experience.


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