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Google’s Ecosystem: What is Search Console?

Google Search Console (or Webmaster Tools as it was referred to until 2015) allows webmasters to track and manage the stats of a website. Google Search Console allows webmasters to monitor their websites and is an essential tool of search marketing. Used effectively you can find a trove of useful data that will help to optimise your website inline with Google’s best practices standards.

Communication between the website owner and Google

Google has a lot of information to communicate, whether it’s between end-users, advertisers or webmasters.

Search Console is Google’s primary method of communicates to the site owners. You might already have a registered account, but are you making to most of this information? Google will update you regarding site issues, errors, or schema formatting. It also provides some features for you contact them (Google) about indexation requests and sitemap submissions.

Greater control over your site

You might actively optimise your site on an ongoing basis, or you might be looking for someone to do it for you. Chances are you will already know SEO isn’t a do it, do it, leave it a task, it’s an ongoing approach that improves your website through content expansion, error removal and analytics learning – just to name a few. Search Console provides many of the tools that can help with site upkeep.

You might check your site every or every week but by fixing these small issues you are communicating with Google that you are improving your site based on their specification. Most of these features are free and allow your brand to fulfil its potential online.

Site Performance

Your GSC account is packed with useful information on how your website displays to users within search results. From organic click-through rates, mobile visibility, schema structuring and more. It’s your control centre and how you can understand, test and see your site within Google’s search framework.


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