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New Team Member: Charlie Dyer

People (internal and external) are at the heart of our business but our clients don’t always get to meet all the talent behind the work. This is why we would like to introduce our newest addition of team Tribe – Charlie Dyer. Charlie is awesome and hit the ground running with a productive first month as our new Digital Strategist. She’s ‘on it’ when it comes to paid media and Google Ads, already achieving impressive ROAS for new clients and providing a fresh perspective on digital opportunities.

Name: Charlie Dyer

Job Title: Digital Strategist

What does your role at Tribe Digital entail?

My role as Digital Strategist at Tribe allows me to work across a clients’ whole digital marketing mix, with a specific focus on Performance Media. I’m very much used to working on everything from copywriting and social campaigns, to email marketing and paid media. I’m excited to refine this with Tribe and focus solely on media planning and buying.

Working alongside ecommerce specialists gives me the opportunity to work on acquisition-based campaigns. I’m an inpatient millennial who needs constant validation, so watching my shopping and social campaigns quickly generating sales for clients suits me nicely. 

So far with Tribe, I’ve developed several media plans and am working across a number of performance media campaigns. I really enjoy chatting with clients to understand what their needs are and making recommendations on how we can best meet them. Whether that’s hitting sales targets, increasing subscribers or generating wider brand awareness.

Tell us about your background in digital marketing

I graduated from having a lovely time at Cardiff University in 2013 with a 2.1 in English and Cultural Criticism – or as my pals kindly call it, books and bitching.

I took several entry-level digital marketing roles afterwards and started to gather skills and understand what I enjoyed. I didn’t think performance media would really be my thing but I got really into it really quickly.

I learned so much from working at previous agencies and brands across all digital activity. From writing long-form content pieces for a large tech organisation, to creating social media campaigns for education services, energy companies, travel services and engineers. However, the digital landscape is huge and it was my success working on a number of big performance media campaigns that confirmed it was the right area for me to focus on. 

What makes this role different?

I quickly realised that Tribe are just as passionate about investing in me as I am in them. It’s rare to find somewhere that genuinely champions your career ambitions and will invest in you to achieve them.

My colleagues trust that I’ll work strategically to deliver results and I feel confident to execute campaigns and speak with clients about their projects.

Although we’re a small team, we have so many skills between us. I regularly just stare blankly in awe at what Rach is designing or whatever complicated code thing I don’t understand that Joe is working on. 

What are your goals for 2021?

My skills across Search, Display and social performance media are strong, and branching out into broader media buying. 2020 hasn’t been the year any of us wanted but I’m really hopeful that I’ll be able to work hard on my programmatic skills, visit media owners in real life (!) (we probably won’t shake hands) and keep learning as much as I can to positively influence client work.


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