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5 reasons to work with a Shopify expert

Shopify websites are hosted for you. You have a whole library of themes to choose from and there are around 2,400 plugins available to support your ecommerce website goals. The simplicity of the platform suits some businesses down to a tea; with sales converting at a comfortable rate. However, for those with a more complex strategy, ambitious goals or after more data insight – the platform doesn’t quite work hard enough.

And that’s where Shopify experts come in. It’s unlikely that you’re able to fulfil the role of a Shopify expert, developer, content manager, designer and digital marketer all in one. That would be a remarkable CV. We’ve listed the top 5 reasons why working with an ecommerce specialist and Shopify expert can help your business to master all trades. 

1. Shopify experts know the platform inside-out

A standard Shopify licence gives users relatively restricted creative opportunity. It can be pretty easy to build your site, add your products and create a user flow that you’re happy with.

However, it can also be pretty easy to get it wrong. 

Whether you’re working with The Basic Plan, The Shopify Plan, Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus, it’s important to invest in the right theme for your offering. Your sales depend on it. You need to showcase your products in the best way possible. This means selecting a theme that suits each product and their associated category.

The customer experience is also highly dependent on the theme you select. How do you want users to move through the site? How can you make their journey easier? And how can you optimise that journey for conversion?

These are all questions that a Shopify expert can answer to make sure you get the most from your Shopify subscription.

Further, with thousands of plugins available in the Shopify App Store, how do you select the right variation for your business? You need to strike the perfect balance between enough plugins to effectively optimise and track your site activity, and not so many that it distils their value and becomes difficult to manage.

Widely speaking, Shopify experts can work quickly and provide ongoing advice to make sure that no matter how your business evolves, you always make the most of your website and associated platforms.

2. You’ll benefit from extra development expertise

Every business has unique needs and idiosyncrasies. Therefore, working with a developer to help manage your Shopify site can help you to achieve the results you want. 

Developers can help to:

  • Manipulate pre-designed themes to help suit your inventory
  • Manage plugins and ensure they’re benefiting your long-term goals
  • Help all of your online platforms work together
  • Implement any design work to strengthen your brand’s presence
  • Handle your technical SEO requirements
  • Provide expertise to support any associated online channels

Partnering with a developer means that the sky is the limit. Whether you scale up or down, incorporate new channels, need adjustments to your Shopify store or just need peace of mind that your online business is safe.

3. Designers will create a masterpiece to rival your competitors

Your website must showcase your brand. As your core reference point for existing customers and prospects, your branding needs to be pitch perfect.

As we know, Shopify can restrict creativity with the themes available. However, there are over 100 to choose from; and, with a designer’s help, you can put your stamp on them.

Good ecommerce specialists will have designers in-house to manifest your ideas. You can trust a strong designer to:

  • Represent your brand creatively and consistently across every page of your website
  • Ensure your products are aesthetically pleasing for customers
  • Create additional elements, such as motion graphics, infographics and imagery
  • Manipulate these assets to suit social media and performance media
  • Make sure you’re using your theme to its full extent
  • Give you artistic guidance at every step, now and during future development

4. Digital Marketing specialists will optimise your visibility 

If your website is your key reference point, it’s important to implement a digital marketing strategy to support it. Without a thorough strategy, you’re guaranteed to miss out on valuable traffic and sales.

Once your Shopify plugins have been configured, you’ll need to monitor your data. This is best done directly through Google. Viewing your analytics, for example, on your Shopify site only will give you extremely basic insight compared to that which can be seen on Google Analytics.

This is especially important in the ecommerce space, where you need to understand when, how and why your users are converting – or not converting. You need to capture their journey in order to make improvements and optimise your website to perform at its optimal level.

Working with digital marketing experts can also help you to:

  • Apply consistency across your site. This may include: tone of voice, visual elements, calls to action and links to social media and other channels
  • Make sure your website copy is engaging and contributing to your sales performance
  • Leverage the power of performance media to generate brand awareness, brand engagement and conversions
  • Retarget previous site visitors and convertors via paid media advertising
  • Enhance your organic social media content to help build an online community
  • Develop an email marketing strategy.

5. Optimise your site for search engine success

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refine your SEO strategy, working with an ecommerce specialist will help to increase your search engine visibility. Google wants to show results that are helpful for users. A robust SEO strategy isn’t about cheating Google, it’s about working with the algorithm in place to show that your site is relevant to your target audience.

Support from SEO Shopify experts will help you to improve your:

  • Shopify site structure 
  • Title and body copy, inline with keyword research
  • Overall keyword research strategy to increase your visibility around terms that your audience are entering into search engines
  • Potential for all pages to be crawled by search engines
  • Number of backlinks 
  • Internal linking strategy.

All of these improvements will help to increase your domain authority. This number is calculated by taking the above into account. It gives Google an indication of how authoritative your site is in your particularly space and/or industry. It indicates how well it’ll rank, factoring in usability, structure, content and relevance. 

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