Hu Kitchen

D2C subscription website for premium chocolate brand owned by Mondelez

Hu Kitchen is a category-leading brand in the premium chocolate space in the USA. Owned by Mondelez, they offer high-quality chocolate made from Ultrasimple™ ingredients inspired by the paleo movement. Hu was looking to launch in the U.K and wanted a Shopify website with a subscription mechanism and a bespoke build-a-bundle feature, in line with their US site.


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Shopify Development

Shopify Development

Hu Kitchen was looking to sell on Shopify, in line with their US site. They sell their chocolate bars in packs of 4 or 12, with a 10% discount offered to subscription holders. Being new in the new UK they wanted customers to purchase in varying quantities but also allow them to mix and match flavours whilst offering customers a discount for hitting a specific threshold. We developed a build-a-bundle mechanism for Hu draws from 4 pack product variants and requires the user to add a minimum of 12+ bars in order to create a bundle. In doing so the user can access each a £3 per bar price, down from £3.50 for the four-pack equivalent.

Build a bundle

The setup is designed to reward customers who spend more whilst giving them the flexibility to mix and match different flavours - increasing average order values for the client. This mechanism is built as a pseudo product, allowing it to be listed within the product catalogues of advertising channels such as Google Shopping and Facebook.

Project Summary

We’re now providing ongoing refinement to the website with a host of new features planned including gifting, loyalty mechanism and behind the scenes upgrades to the subscription experience.