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Growing an organic instagram community to 16k+

Harrisons1863 are woollen merchants with a rich history and approached us to help leverage their reputation across the key markets of the U.K, China and Japan. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Harrison’s over the past few years and helping to increase the reach and engagement of their Facebook and Instagram communities.

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Growth of Instagram followers from 1,500 to 16,400+ with zero paid media support.

Harrisons1863 - Social Media Content

Social Media Content

A consistent commitment to publishing content that inspires. Our content calendar selects the best examples of UGC and blend these with images from seasonal photoshoots that we organise, oversee and manage.

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Harrisons1863 - To tell stories

To tell stories

The end product are photographs and motion animation that is equal to the quality of the product itself.

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