Increased conversion rate from 0.5% - 8% in 6 months for sustainable cat food brand

We are increasingly looking to replace consumer items with sustainable alternatives and pet ownership is no exception. In this case study we highlight our work with Lovebug, an innovative D2C brand that uses insect protein in it's sustainable dry cat food. A subsidiary of the Mars group and Wild Pet, we were brought on board to help drive acquisition and assist with CRO.


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Reducing barriers to purchase

Reducing barriers to purchase

We worked with Lovebug to analyse barriers to purchase. This included making pricing, discount and postage costs clear at all stages of a users journey. Migrating the website from Recharge V1 to Recharge V2 gave single purchase and subscription customers a consistent experience at checkout.

Increasing order values

Using analytics and Hotjar data we established that improving the mobile experience and enabling the purchase of multiple variants (bundles) would be the best route to increasing sales revenue. To do this we created discounts on those multipack purchases, providing incentives via scaled discounts to increase average order values. We then set about designing and developing new a product page to allow customers on desktop and mobile to seamlessly switch between single purchase and subscription buying.

Cat food calculator

Cat come in all shapes and sizes and with this comes different levels of food consumption. To help new customers understand how far 1kg of Lovebug goes, we built a cat food calculator. Users can simply enter the cat's size and a subscription plan would be created - ready to add to their basket.


Performance marketing for subscription

Performance marketing for subscription

Grow marketing is underpinned by the ability to tracking to track user purchases and media spend effectively. We started by implementing subscription tracking and bespoke reporting dashboards to monitor the effectiveness of creative aimed at multiple audience groups of cat owners.

Education through paid social

Many pet owners are aware of their carbon footprints and the implications of this with pet ownership. With insect based cat food being a relatively new concept new customer adverts were created to educate cat owners on the benefits of Lovebug.

Backed by experts

When it comes to sustainable pet food, customers will ask themselves two questions, (1) will it meet my cats nutritional needs? (2) how this better for the planet than my cats current food? Creating Facebook adverts that draw upon the input of vets and science aim to address both consumer questions.

Paid Search

Users actively looking for 'sustainability pet food alternatives' are likely to be in Lovebug. We ran paid search campaigns targeting the decided, traditional search queries and pet owners looking for subscription services.