Custom Shopify theme & sliding price build-a-box for tea subscription business

Mission is a natural, slow-release energy, alternative to coffee, sports gels and energy drinks. Founded by Tom Whittle, who discovered the unique benefits of Yerba Mate on an endurance bike trip across South America, this start-up needed help with establishing it’s brand online. We provided the technical skills to build the website, working alongside Mission’s graphic designer. This included a custom Shopify theme, subscription setup, ensuring the analytics were tracked correctly and could track single and recurring payments. We also worked with Mission to establish email marketing automation and performance media.




Drinks e-commerce

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Web development

Web development

We built a custom Shopify theme to facilitate its subscription business model. Shopify is an excellent CMS for e-commerce and custom development work was needed to create the desired look, website features and user experience.


Each build-a-box is unique to each client with varying layers of complexity based on product volume, variants, price, single prices, subscription prices and thresholds for a minimum bundle price. The mechanism delivered for Mission provides a sliding discount, meaning the more a user buys, the more the user saves. This mechanism operates for single-purchase and subscription customers across 5 product types.

Email Automation

Tribe Digital used email automation to communicate different messages to subscribers, single purchases and newsletter signups, allowing users to receive the right messaging at the right time.


Performance marketing for subscription

Performance marketing for subscription

While Tom has an incredible story to his brand, there was lots of information to convey around the product offering for use in advertising.

Content Creation

Motion Graphics were the best way to communicate key sound bites as they were informative while also being visual which is essential to stand out in social media.

Email Design

MISSION has multiple types of customers, including subscribers and single purchasers, each requiring a different message depending on their box. Tribe Digital created a series of emails that enabled the personalisation of email messaging between these users.

Performance Media

Tribe Digital used a blend of Google Shopping and Facebook retargeting to drive purchases and subscriptions online. Google Shopping was effective at reaching new customers, while Facebook was used to retarget users who had previously performed and action (eg: add to basket) on the website.