UX & UI Design

Strong UX and UI ensure that the website is as intuitive and pleasant to use as possible. This is critical for ensuring low bounce rates, high conversion and meaningful brand experience while users visit.


Why tribe?

Our Process

We work with clients to create, adjust or overhaul website experiences. Our objective is to convert your users into long-term clients and advocates through intuitive, enjoyable and user-centric design.

Our multidisciplinary team will work to develop an understanding of how to improve the conversion rates which matter to your business, and act to make strategic improvements.

We aim to build empathy through analytical user research, define user problems, ideate solutions and validate our design decisions through targeted usability testing. This creates a strong foundation for effective high-fidelity designs and development of your new digital product.

Why does bounce rate matter?

Bounce rate is the frequency with which users land on your site, and leave without performing any other actions.

For example, if the bounce rate is 55% on your homepage, over half of your users are leaving immediately, rather than exploring your product or collection pages.

By analysing the bounce rates of different landing pages we can see which ones are working well with your growth strategy, and which need redesigning and realigning.

How do I increase my conversion rate?

How long until I see an improvement?


Better user experiences

Modern DTC brands are constantly evolving. Our team of designers work with brands to ensure new features work seamlessly with user journeys and adhere to best practice.

Generally we will start by reviewing the current site map and analytics data to help understand where users are dropping off, we will then create a tactical plan to help users stay on site and complete the relevant action. It might be adding a referral system or subscription mechanism, we’ll adapt these features to ensure user journeys stay consistent.

What is UX?

UX refers to the user experience design of a website. It includes a person's perceptions of utility, ease of use and efficiency to achieve a desired result such as complete checkout or submit form. Our goal is to make your website UX as smooth and intuitive as possible.

What is UI?

What are the key metrics?

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